The New You Plan

The New You Plan is a great place to start if you don't feel ready for 1-1 consultations. We understand that starting a new road to fitness, or taking it back up after a period of rest can be daunting and we know you might need something that gives you guidance without being as much as 1-1 coaching.

The New You Plan can help bridge that gap, it will help:

- form new habits (and stop bad ones)
- increase your fitness, strength and stamina
- help you be more mindful of your actions
- train your body
- retrain your mind

All of this in three consecutive four-week blocks meaning by the end of 90 days you should be fitter, healthier, have more energy, higher levels of motivation and ready to nail anything life throws at you. Our clients have reported many successes since starting with us - springing out of bed in the morning, running 5k, 10k and half marathons with ease, and taking on Tough Mudder type events as well as ultramarathons!

Some non-fitness related successes are higher levels of self esteem, clothes fitting and looking better, motivation for career success, we've even helped people get in better shape to help pregnancies!

The New You plan will retrain how you live your life in a healthier manner in just 12 weeks!

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The New You Plan

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