The “New You” Fitness Plan – a 12 week fitness, training, and workout plan

So what is it?

The “New You” plan gives you everything you need to get fitter and healthier. Whether you are a complete beginner, returning from a period away from fitness (injury or pregnancy, perhaps) or you are looking to step up your training there is something for everyone.

It is a 12 week plan that works from your own ability to increase your fitness, endurance, health and wellbeing.

How does it work?

The plan is split in to 3 blocks of four weeks in order to reach separate goals – increase your overall fitness, increase your strength and endurance and alter your body shape. We want you to be able to run for the bus without losing your breath, lift the kids and shopping easier and improving your levels of fitness no matter if you are already “quite fit” or sitting on the couch most evenings.

We start off by introducing you to aspects of fitness that you can do at home to get you moving, we graduate in to increasing your strength on top of increasing your fitness levels and we continue with a programme that can be followed week to week at the end of the plan.

What happens after the plan?

We find that as we have adapted this plan for clients over the years that the most enjoyable way to continue after the plan is to continue cycles of stage 2 and stage 3. Stage 1 is mainly about bringing your fitness level up in order to boost your heart health and cardiovascular performance, following this we continue to include parts of Stage 1 with Stage 2 (to continue that increase in fitness and endurance) then we find that this is a good level for people to continue using the plan as a sustainable model for life. We don’t ask for continuing subscriptions, we don’t ask for anything else and you’re still welcome to remain part of our group if you still want to be part of the community and enjoy the chat and accountability.


Bringing you everything you needed to take your own First Steps in our 12 week fitness training and workout plan.

The New You membership area gives you full, unrestricted access to everything in our member area. This means that you have a safe place to head for fitness, nutrition and health advice. Not only do we give you 3 stages of fitness plan, updated every four weeks, we also update many of the videos as you move on and when we send you out emails, and updates on everything, these are also held in your member area.

We keep a great membership area which grows with you – new articles, new recipes, community chat in the private facebook group and articles that relate to what you’re doing as you’re doing it

Your member area will continue to develop over the coming weeks as we continue to update and add to it as you need more information, learn more and become a lot fitter. As time goes on your member area will fill up with articles, knowledge and learning which will teach you more about fitness and nutrition. You don’t need to just rely on us either, we’ll post links and articles from other experts in the field so that you can check them out online – find their instagrams for Fitspo, find their blogs to share their knowledge and find their videos to work out alongside.

This plan is a 12 week plan, we give you 16 weeks membership so that you have time at the end to keep all your notes.

So… what are you waiting for? Join our online community taking the 12 week fitness training and workout plan and become the “New You”