First Steps Online PT – Online Group Personal Training

Get stuck in to online group personal training and become the best, healthiest, fittest you that you’ve ever known.

We’ve seen some sceptics in our time but our clients think that online PT works much better than a PT throwing you around the gym. Why?

– You’ll learn by listening to us and thinking about what we’ve said, you can even take notes (can you do that while bench pressing or pushing out a burpee? Didn’t think so?)
– You don’t need someone to follow you around the gym at a price, £25 for 45 minutes (or whatever your price) shouting at you, you’re more than capable of sweating it out yourself
– You can pay more attention to what you’re doing and why you’re doing it than simply being told to do something (then forgetting why you done it because you pushed too hard and spewed from pushing yourself too much)
– You’ll learn more from a group of people asking questions than just being alone with the professional, more people open up and you’ll find they have the same questions, fears and goals as you – use this as ammunition to push yourself further.

We’re not saying that PTs at the gym are out of fashion but there’s a time and a place for them, and unless you’re training for a specific goal or are an advanced athlete we think you might see more benefit from online PT, especially the group sessions which are open and great for the community.

What do you get from our online group personal training? We’re glad you asked:

– After you sign up you’ll get your welcome emails over the coming month, a bit of education and some tips and tricks to use in the gym and with your nutrition
– You’ll get weekly check in sessions with a fully qualified PT, these are conducted in a closed Facebook group and are great as the community asks questions so you’ll get tips and knowledge where you weren’t even thinking there was a subject to think about
– You’ll get discounts on our other stuff – we’re not going to start listing them here but we’re working with nutritionists and chefs to bring you stuff that fits your diet, works well with your macros and tastes fantastic

Where do I sign up? Just click below to join the online group personal training community