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A 12 week plan to lose weight, get fit, look & feel great!

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What is the New You plan?

The New You plan is a 12 week plan to get you on the next steps to improving your health and fitness level. It does not matter if you think of yourself as unfit, "somewhat" fit or think you may be quite fit but just need a bit of focus and direction to take the next steps this plan can help you.

The plan is broken in to three specific parts that help you
• increase your fitness level;
• start to increase your strength; and
• change your body shape

It helps you how to lead a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. First Steps Fitness gives you access to your own member area with articles, videos, recipes and access to a member only Facebook group for continuous comment, questions and accountability partners who are going through exactly the same thing as you.

Not only do we give you this plan we help you implement a healthy lifestyle and pass on knowledge so that you know the reasons behind why you're doing these things (and not just blindly following a plan)

Why should I choose this?

In one word. Results. We've put a few pictures below just to show you what can be achieved.

In a few words, here's what people love about the plan:
* It's not confusing, it's straight forward. Plain and simple,
* It's easy to follow - no nonsense, each part is explained and explained again,
* We teach you to help yourself for life, not just for 12 weeks (90 days) - most plans leave you hanging (then other places try to sell you more stuff!),
* It's sustainable - we know that "life" happens, we focus on the big picture and not the fact that you had a chocolate bar last week,
* We show you there's no such thing as "failing" on your diet - you don't get 100% or 0% on tests, why should your diet be all-or-nothing,
* We give you tips to manage your week and energy balance,
* We've got a great community, led by qualified PT's and nutritionists,
* Did we mention *results*

Who is the plan for?

We could be honest and say the plan covers 99% of people wanting to improve their fitness but the reality is if you're already heading to Crossfit every morning this isn't for you.

The plan works best for beginners and improvers on their fitness journey. Perhaps you are looking for a reason to get off the couch at night (we start the plan with at home workouts). Perhaps you've been out of fitness for a while through injury, pregnancy or your life has changed with work, family and relationships and you're looking for a way back in to it. Maybe you've been training for a while but you realise you need a bit more focus and direction... If any of these sound like you then it's worth a try. With expert PT's on hand in the community group, with weekly emails and unrivalled access to knowledge and articles we're building this out so it gets better as you progress through the plan.

Looking to improve, get fitter, healthier and better. The plan is for you and will change you in 90 days!

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