Five tips for staying lean on holiday

Are you going to be staying lean on holiday?

Holidays are a great way to lose that little goal that you’ve managed to reach if you’ve been on track enough to build that beach body you’ve always wanted. But, making sure you don’t go overboard on holiday means taking time to prepare and reinforce those little habits that got you there.

Here’s our 5 Key Tips for staying lean on the holiday seasons:

* Alcohol/Drinks *

Clear spirits and calorie free mixers. For many people, when they go away on holiday or stop work like to enjoy themselves and get pretty messy on occasion. High consumption of most alcoholic liquids contain loads of extra “empty” calories. This is the biggest detrimental factor that will result in you packing on the extra few pounds of bodyfat. Dark and high sugary liquids are macronutrient/energy balance destroyers. We’re not saying avoid them, just be aware of your consumption! (and remember that drinking often leads to buying kebabs!)

* Food choices *

People love to just hit the “screw it” button on holiday and thats totally fine. But, if you’re trying to be good with the odd occasional treat then control your controllables. Eat like you would as though you were back home and stick to your work routine with food – breakfast, lunch, dinner then a snack. The biggest problem people face is food courts, eating through travel boredom and convenience foods so if you don’t plan ahead aim for the lower calorie options on the menus.

* Protein Meals *

High protein and low calorie choices when eating throughout the day are a great way save calories up for those evening treats like pizza, ice cream etc. Protein has a very high satiety factor so not only is it great to help maintain your muscle mass for longer it will keep you feeling full and satisfied. As well as this, protein has a lower caloric content per gram than fats. Albeit it is similar to carbs but carbs don’t have the same satiety effect so you feel hungrier more frequently.

* Move More *

Traveling, sunbathing, sitting on the sofa/balcony and/or just being less active decreases your N.E.A.T: non exercise activity thermogenesis. This results in less muscle stimulation, less caloric output and a decrease in your BMR: Basel metabolic rate (the efficiency in which your body utilises energy/calories). Furthermore, getting some training in on days you plan to go “YOLO” is a good for damage limitation.

* Common Sense *

Use the 80/20 rule – you will know within yourself when you’ve indulged too far, feel sluggish and generally fatigued. The key to staying lean on holiday is to try and prevent this and summon a little self control and moderation when it comes to junk food and ripping the arse out the bevy. If you’ve had a few heavy nights on the trot then reign it in a little for a few days. It prevents you giving yourself the extra mound to climb when you “get back on the wagon”

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