Online personal training? How does that work?

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It works in quite a different way to having someone sit on the sidelines and shout at you, that's for sure. Ever left a PT session and thought you didn't remember a thing your PT said, online group coaching avoids this.

* You'll learn by listening to us, you can take notes if you wish (ever tried taking notes halfway through a burpee? Didn't think so!),
* You don't need someone to follow you around the gym shouting at you, you're capable of sweating it out yourself,
* You can pay more attention to what you're doing and you'll understand why you're doing it too (rather than being told to do something then forgetting why because you nearly spewed from pushing too hard!),
* You'll learn more from the group and community - when someone a step in front of you asks a question you didn't think about. You'll find more people open up and have the same questions, fears and goals as you - and you'll use this as ammunition to push yourself further,
* You'll get more accountability working with a group than on your own,
* You can do it on your own time - work shifts, energised in the morning, no PT near you, or struggle to fit their diary - that's exactly the point of this - workout on your own time.

We’re not saying that PTs at the gym are out of fashion but there’s a time and a place for them, and unless you’re training for a specific goal or are an advanced athlete we think you might see more benefit from online PT, especially the group sessions which are open and great for the community.

Who is the plan for?

Online personal training would benefit a high percentage of the population but let's tell you who might benefit most.

It is a great option for those who don't want to follow a plan on their own, perhaps you need that accountability, perhaps you have done a "get fit plan", perhaps you've even done our own "New You Plan". Maybe you're looking to take a big step up - even if that is from a place where you don't feel that fit. You're possibly seeing that personal training adds the personal touch to getting yourself to that next level of fitness, whatever that level currently is.

You may be needing training for something specific, a long run (we've trained everything from someones first 5k run, 10k's, half marathons and full marathons as ultra marathons), perhaps you're looking to get better at your sport and need "general" type strength training to perform better as an athlete or maybe you're doing your first Tough Mudder, Rat Race or obstacle course - this is where personal training really comes in to it's own, especially when you get access to a group setting where there may also be others training for the same goals.

If you think you might be looking for something to get you off the couch and take your first steps in fitness you might also consider our "New You Plan" for getting your fitness up from zero to a good level.

Why should I choose this?

The truth is you already know if you're ready for this - if not maybe our "New You Plan" suits until you are ready to pitch this.

What do people like about out online personal training?
* We explain everything like humans, as little technical language as we can use, we know it annoys everyone,
* Our plans are easy to follow - we don't give you hundreds of exercises for plans, just the ones that work for you,
* We try to teach you to help yourself, that's why we talk about mindset, motivation and drive just as much as we talk about training,
* We run a sustainable schedule. Looking to lose weight, don't expect to drop a stone in a week, small sustainable changes are the best to change your life,
* We show you there's no such thing as "failing" on your diet - you don't get 100% or 0% on tests, we know "life happens" we'll teach you how to manage life and not beat yourself up,
* We give you tips to manage your week and energy balance,
* We've got a great community, led by qualified PT's and nutritionists,
* Did we mention *results*

What happens when I sign up?

When you sign up and become part of the community you'll get immediate access to your own personal members area - in there we've got a selection of recipes, workouts and info videos that you can check out in your own time, at your leisure.

You'll get short check ins with a fully qualified PT who will consider the best course of action for the best results - for you as an individual!

You'll get full access to our members only Facebook group where our PT's do weekly videos talking about pain points clients have brought up recently, if everyone is pulling together we get shared knowledge.

You'll also get discounts on offers as we bring them to our members, this starts with a 10% discount from our protein supplement partners, one of the best in the UK.

Starting to sound like an offer you just can't miss out on?

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