Cheat meal excuse?

What’s your cheat meal excuse?

We all seem to have a cheat meal excuse stored away, is it a special occasion, or just the weekend?

One pound of weight is roughly 3,500 calories, whether you want it on or off is determined by your choices.

Many people quite like to have a treat at the end of the week for their own sanity. Where this is absolutely fine, we still need to look at it in the strategy of our overall goals

Remember, you’re not a pet – you don’t reward yourself with food. If you log your intake, and it fits in with your daily allowances then you can have it absolutely and completely guilt free.

But let’s say it works out a bit “iffy”.

Ok, you eat well 6 days, you’re running a specific calorie intake and, coupled with some training, it leaves you with a 300 calorie deficit per day. 300 cals, for 6 days, gives you 1,800 calories deficit for the week.

Awesome! Now you hit a cheat meal on Saturday when you’re out. McDonalds, Big Mac meal (1,200 cals), large coke (400 cals), dips (200 cals) now your entire week of losing weight has shifted – in ONE meal! You can see how this can be detrimental to your long term goals.

When you are already lean your body learns to utilise calories a lot better than when you are carrying a little more body fat so unfortunately, to get the best results initially you have to make the small changes and positive habits to get that body that you feel you deserve.

Routine. Routine. Routine

It all goes back to routines. Even when you train and eat well:

“I’ve trained hard this week and been good with my eating so I’m going to have that pizza”

That’s the negative mindset that has got you to the point of carrying the excess body fat you want to get rid of

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t enjoy yourself, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t let your hair down once in a while and we’re not saying that you should never eat a pizza or McDonalds ever again. What we’re getting at is that if you “cheat” at every available opportunity because you “deserve it” you’ll simply push your goals out further every single time. Every wedding, birthday, bar mitzvah, that you scoff the entire menu and six slices of cake means another week or two of slog just to get back to where you were.

Be conscious of what you’re putting in your body. Adjust for what is happening in your life. If you “steal” 100 calories per day so that you can splurge at the weekend, then so be it.

What do we always say?

Log it. Track it. Write it down. Fit it in to your lifestyle so that you can live guilt free, on track and still reach your goals.

Still got a cheat meal excuse?

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