Is 13 minutes long enough for a workout?

What can you do in 13 minutes? Just 780 seconds. A short workout, perhaps? Not a lot I’m guessing. You can hardly watch a show in 13 minutes, you probably can’t cook dinner, some of us would barely be able to load a washing machine in that amount of time. However, new research has arrived […]

Five tips for staying lean on holiday

Are you going to be staying lean on holiday? Holidays are a great way to lose that little goal that you’ve managed to reach if you’ve been on track enough to build that beach body you’ve always wanted. But, making sure you don’t go overboard on holiday means taking time to prepare and reinforce those […]

Cheat meal excuse?

What’s your cheat meal excuse? We all seem to have a cheat meal excuse stored away, is it a special occasion, or just the weekend? One pound of weight is roughly 3,500 calories, whether you want it on or off is determined by your choices. Many people quite like to have a treat at the […]