A chance meeting of coaches who wanted to help a wider audience get the right information about their health and fitness was the beginning of First Steps Fitness. These coaches brought a wealth of experience, helped each other increase their knowledge and found that as a team, their whole was greater than the sum of their parts.

We got together and built plans and strategies, worked with clients, shared our goals, inspirations and dreams - we showed clients how to reach their goals (we don't just tell you the way, we lead you!) and showed we could do more for people by helping them find information, trustworthy sources and weed out hoaxes and scams.

We wanted to help clients stand on their own two feet and we've showed over a thousand clients the way forward to better health, better fitness and how to smash their goals! We use an online platform so that we can teach you what to do as we find our clients get better results when they learn WHY they're doing something which is why we also give our clients information outside the gym - learn how to use the information and you have it forever rather than simply following instruction inside the gym.

We've helped a thousand clients and want to help a thousand more to get started with taking care of themselves, living in better health and being more aware of how their choices affect their body. Think this sounds like what you want to do? Thought so. Let's get started.

How do you want to start?

Personal Training and Group Coaching

Personal coaching over the internet, don't be mad! Believe it or not you can get better results using an online coach. Instead of us training beside you, you'll learn what you're doing and why you're doing it and therefore get better results and better value (rather than trying to learn whilst sweating). Look at our group option suited for those looking for low cost, light touch coaching or head straight for our 1-1 for more advanced goals.

The New You - 12 Week Plan

Not sure you need 1-1 training then this plan is a great place to start.  A 'from home' plan, set in 3 blocks to increase fitness, strength and general health and set at an easier pace you might find all the knowledge and motivation you need in this plan. The "New You" will help set you on the path to changing your life - a plan tried and tested by many of our ongoing clients, past and present.