Personal Coaching, Motivation, Training and Mindset

How we help you

Monthly coaching plan

Our most popular choice. At just £39 per month this represents fantastic value. With this you get personal weekly check ins, individually built plans, online messenger access for quick tips and questions answered by our team and access to our private groups which help with group ideas, motivation, transformations and food. You'll have 24/7 access to our team through this but don't blame us for being asleep when you need talked out of that Saturday night 2am kebab!

1-1 Advanced Coaching

Our one to one sessions are for more advanced levels of training. You will likely be training for a competition, you will be looking for advice on how to get stronger, quicker, faster, more agile, leaner or bigger and will be needing in depth, specific advice. Our consultations are longer, at 50 minutes, and will be written up and emailed to you following the chat. A fee of £30 charged per consultation, and therefore this can also be a great add on to our monthly plan. Email to schedule or contact us below.

How to get started with 1-1 coaching

We're going to let you in to a little known secret. 1-1 coaching from online coaches can work BETTER than 1-1 in the gym!

Seriously, think about that for a minute. When you're got a trainer in the gym and he's shouting at you what are you learning, much, little, anything? They might be able to push you a bit harder (sometimes literally pushing you) and they might be able to spot a weight above you but they keep all that knowledge to themselves. They tell you some information when you're tired, knackered and probably just wanting to sit down a bit - yeah, you might get a great workout but you'll forget everything ten minutes after your session.

When you work with an online trainer you get the ability to really learn what you're doing and why you're doing it. Why would I eat this/avoid that? What kind of squats should I be doing? You get to be able to take a half hour call on your lunch break, take notes from your bedroom, tailor things that work and don't work for you.

How do we work?

Lifestyle Assessment
Our plan is not to give you a huge amount of work that you then struggle to fit in to your life. We know people are busy and we know that a school teacher will live a different lifestyle than a nightshift worker. We assess your lifestyle and we work with you to fit plans in to your day so that you can reach your goals.
Goal setting - planning, time management, fitness and nutrition goal setting
Goal planning is the most important thing to you. You need to work out what you want to do in order for us to help you lay the ground work for the journey. Whether you want to run marathon, a touch mudder, get that bikini body for summer or simply increase your general health and fitness we won't try to impress upon you strategies that you do not need. We work with you AND for you to reach your own specific goals.
Ongoing support
We continue to give you support. As well as the ongoing nature of our 1-1 coaching we are on hand to offer advice, though we can't promise to answer the phone and give you the best options on your takeaway at 3am you might want to click us up on Facebook messenger for some extra support when you're heading to the gym! We're on hand for you as we want to help you reach your goals.

First Steps Fitness, an online trainer solution can help you by providing plans and steps to take when you need something a bit more individualised. We can help by looking at goals and outcomes and how we might work together to achieve them. Whether you wish to be an ultra-marathon runner, a bodybuilder, whether you want that summer bikini body, or just a bit fitter and healthier, we can work 1-1 with you to achieve the outcome you are looking for.

Individual sessions cost £20 for a 50 minute consultation which will be written up and emailed to you following that consult. This will let you go away and train at your leisure and to use the plans on more than just the one occasion. It also lets you spread out the need for weekly sessions (saving you money too) and reuse the workouts. Sound like something you're up for? We thought so. Click the button, get in touch and we'll schedule our fisrt meeting.

Calls by Skype, telephone, facetime (permitting) or whateve suits you best that we can accommodate - get in touch today!